Yesterday's >>post<< was kind of a heavy one. And a bit challenging to write.
I asked some of my friends on Facebook to read it, and I was overwhelmed at the amount of response I got from them.
More people read that one post than the number of visitors I get to the blog on any given day.
It was truly humbling.

To have people actually take the time to read the words that come from my little ole heart and head really moves me.
To be able to present, on a world wide basis, my love of writing and actually have it well received, is nothing short of a blessing.

I recognize the significance of this platform. I cherish it.
My aim at TLSG is to provide entertaining, thought provoking, and life changing commentary filled with honesty, integrity, and positivity.

Thank you so much for affording me this opportunity.
TLSG thanks you!

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Thank you so very much!



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