Audrey said this looks like a magazine ad.
Maaany, many, many, many moons ago, I hosted a "Makeup Party" at my house. What is a "Makeup Party"? Well. It's what a called a gathering at my house where myself and my friend Courtney did makeup for our friends... because we like doing makeup! Simple as that. Courtney and I are have an interest in the field of makeup artistry and this was practice for us. To improve our skills. You know, before we take our talents to the streets, charging blushing brides and giddy prom goers billions of dollars to make them up like fairy tale princesses.

The rules of the "Makeup Party"- I invited over a number of girls and told them to bring inspiration looks that Courtney and I would have 30 minutes to recreate. Now. Truth moment. Neither Courtney nor I can do a FULL face in 30 minutes. But, eh, what's a challenge if it's not a challenge?

I would love to have photographed the whole event so you could see all the lipsticks and blushes and eyeliners that decorated my living room that evening. But I don't quite have the skills to be an effective photographer and makeup artist all at the same event, soooo... yeah. 

To be "makeup artists", neither Courtney nor I were equipped with false lashes which really would have taken the looks to the next level. Slackers. Anywho! These are the finished looks (minus the falsies) along with the look that it was inspired by. Admire, enjoy, critique our work!

*Note that the makeup looks aren't exact replicas of their inspiration look. This is due to many factors such as different face shapes,  different skin color, differently shaped features, different products used, different techniques, different skill sets, etc. The basis of this challenge was to be able to recreate, to the best of our ability, what it is the client is asking for and in a reasonable amount of time.

Audrey's makeup was done by Courtney.

Toya's makeup was done by me.

Ashley's makeup was done by Courtney.

Domonique's makeup was done by me.

I do have more photos of the ladies, but I mean, you see how long it took for me to get these out, soooo... lol.


  1. You all did a great job! I think you're ready to take it to the streets ;)


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