Recently Audrey and  I were discussing how it just is not cool for a girl to not "look cute" when she is out and about. Now this isn't saying she has to be completely decked out from head to toe, hair, makeup, nails, the whole nine. We were referring to girls going to the grocery store in a shower cap or to McDonald's with a half braided, half unbraided semi-style. There are just way too many options available for this monstrosity to be acceptable. From hats, to caps, to one of my new found loves, wraps/scarves, we have a bevy of items to choose from that are both functional and cute to prevent any girl from ever having an unsatisfactory "out and about" look. 

Click the video below to see how I achieved this wrapped up look (and the busted look I was sporting just moments before- baaaaa ha!)

This particular night at Bible Study, I got called Pebbles Flinstone.
Now that is quite possibly the most hilarious lookalike I've ever had.


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