Hey-oh, blogging world. Back with a DIY project. A couple days ago, I made this "#tlsg" t-shirt and just had to share the "how to" with you guys. Hope you like!!!

*I made this shirt using the tutorial found >>here<<. Don't be ashamed to "copy" someone else process. It's okay, girl. I do it all the time. Don't mean I ain't original. 'Cause I still am. #BOOM.

Items needed:
Thick Sharpie
Exacto knife
Fabric paint
Freezer paper

-I initially started out with large scissors and a box cutter because I could not find my exacto knife. After getting started, I realized how necessary the smaller tools were to cut the stencil out precisely. Spent the next 15 minutes looking for the little ditties.

1. Draw, trace, print the image you want to use. I initially was going to type it and print it from the computer with a cool font but my printer wasn't working. So I opted to use a thick, the thickest I could find, Sharpie and write it out. I did it a couple times, in cursive and print. After decided which one I wanted to use, I scanned it onto my computer for safe keeping in case I wanted to use my personalized font on anything else.

2. Trace the image onto the freezer paper on the non-waxy side.

3. Using the exacto knife and small scissors, cut your image out as carefully as possible. I ended up only using the exacto knife as it is the best when trying to be meticulous.
 *Don't forget to cut out, AND SAVE the inside pieces. Like the inside of the "#", "l", "s", and "g". Notice the difference in the picture above where these pieces are not yet added.

4. Place the stencil onto the shirt with the waxy side next to the shirt. To get proper placement, I tried on my shirt and kind of finger measured how far down I wanted it to be. About 2 1/2 to 3 inches down from the collar. When I placed the stencil onto my shirt, I tried to match the "l" up with the inside label to center it. Using your iron, iron it onto the shirt. This causes your stencil to stick to the shirt.

5. Place the cardboard inside your shirt so your paint does not bleed through. Here I've just cut the flaps off of shipping packages.

6. Generously spray the fabric paint all over your stencil. Applying a second coat after it has dried.

7. Following the drying time listed on your paint, peel off your stencil to reveal your wonderful new piece of personalized work.

Things to be noted:
  • -The exacto knife is a MUST. You can purchase one >>here<<.
  • -You'll need a hard surface for cutting. I used the bottom of a shoe box I had lying around.
  • -Opting to use fabric paint with a sponge applicator may be better than the fabric spray that I used for this particular project. I found that with the spray, it ended up being a little messier than I'd hoped. I nearly had to cover everything except the stencil for the spray to not end up everywhere else. And it still did sprinkle onto the shoulders a bit.
  • The cost for the project can be a bit pricey at first (fabric paint, brushes, Sharpie, exacto knife, etc), but it pays for itself after a couple uses should you decide to give it a go at another stenciled project.
  • Depending on how intricate the lettering is, it can take a while to do this project. I'm sure it took me at least 30 minutes, if not more, to do the cutting.
Tee: Walmart (on sale for a freakin' dollar)
Leggings: Rue21 (Had to look all over town for a white pair. Thanks, Audrey!!)
Necklace: H&M
Watch: NY&Co
Hat: JC Penny
Shoes: Nine West


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