I've expressed with you all my interest in becoming a makeup artist on the side. And lately I've been taking tips and pointers from other makeup artist who have been where I am- the beginning stages. One particular tip I mentioned in this post was to substitute "cheaper" or "lower quality" cosmetics somewhat as fillers in your makeup kit where applicable. Such things as lipsticks and eyelash strips were considered to be items that could be substituted at a lower price bracket than some of the other staple items in the kit such as foundation.

However, since makeup to me is still in somewhat of the "hobby" stage, I figured I'd experiment with some of the lower priced brands in foundation as well. After seeing the makeup tutorial one of my favorite makeup artists, Jackie Aina, did for her little sister's prom using E.L.F. foundation as a cheap alternative, I decided I'd spend the 6 bucks on the Flawless Finish Foundation to try it out. I bought it in two different colors, a light and a dark, that could be mixed as needed to fit a number of different skin colors. I also purchased the Mineral Infused Primer for $6 as well to test it out. 

As far as the verdict on the primer, I am almost out of it but I can't really say whether or not I love it. It just.. is. I think I can contribute the longevity of my makeup application to using Milk of Magnesia as a primer. For me, I've found that anything else is not really necessary. So I probably would not purchase it again.

Makeup done using E.L.F Flawless Finish Foundation

The foundation, on the other hand, I have to say, I absolutely LOVE. I am almost out of it as well as I have been using it pretty regularly. For the price and coverage, along with my Milk of Magnesia primer, I think it is top notch. Sometimes I find myself falling asleep in my makeup and waking up to an almost "freshly done" face. This is one product that I am sure I will continue to use on myself and other clients as well. Probably going to re-up on it as soon as I get done typing this post.

From E.L.F., I also purchased the Complete Coverage Concealer for $3. Now I will have to admit, it has been months since I made this purchase and I can't give an accurate review on this concealer as I have barely touched it. Reason being, I have a favorite concealer that I use on myself all the time, the MAC Select Cover-Up. For my oily skin, I find this is the absolute best concealer to offer complete coverage without being cakey or creasing. But this post isn't about my favorite concealer, sooo...

Also, the palette that I got is too dark for me so that's another reason I haven't really touched it. I did play around with it once just to test its application and it did seem a bit greasy to me. It may work for someone whose skin isn't as oily as mine. For 3 bucks, it's worth a shot.

Another lower priced brand I decided to try out was Shany Cosmetics. Actually Shany wasn't my first choice when I was looking to purchase a lower priced blush palette, but when I was browsing on Amazon that particular day, it had the fastest shipping time, so I chose it. Afterwards, I did see a video review where the talented makeup artist Missy Lynn praised Shany Cosmetics, as far as price, quality, and production, so I figured I was in good company. 

I have been using the blushes for a while now. I can't say that I absolutely love them nor do I absolutely hate them. I think they are good fillers in a beginning artist's make up kit. When I first started using them, they appeared to be a little bit on the chalky side. I don't really notice that problem so much anymore. I do use them on a regular basis and should I decide to expand my kit, I will probably purchase more of this blush in different colors. It does seem to work well with blending and is buildable.

 So, all in all. You win some. You lose some. But at these prices, it doesn't really hurt to try them out.

Edited on 11/11/13.
I previously stated that I didn't have a use for the Mineral Infused Primer as I choose to use Milk of Magnesia to prime my face. Well. Milk of Magnesia works well on my face during the summer when I am super oily. I have noticed that as it's getting a little colder, the air is a little drier, and so is my skin, the Milk of Magnesia tends to be a bit drying. I am now using the Mineral Infused Primer and am pleased with the results.


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