Anyone who knows me knows that I can definitely do without this windy, gloomy season we call Autumn. But. I figure my only two options are either to live through it or... well, the alternative. So! If I am going to "weather" this unfavorable season, might as well have fun and look cute while doing it! 

Throughout the season, I'll be throwing in a few post entitled "Fun For Fall" highlighting items to wear to spruce up your fall wardrobe and add a little life back into the season. 

First on the list: Patterned Tights.

1. Express Sheer Pantyhose-, buy similar >>here<<
2. ASOS Dogtooth Tights-, buy >>here<<
3. Leopard Print Tights-, buy >>here<<
4. Pretty Polly Polka Dot Tights-, buy similar >>here<<

*Note, because I am so cheap, er I mean, frugal, most items you see me showcase here on are items that were purchased while on super duper clearance. By the time I actually wear and post the items, they are usually already sold out.

Make sure to check back next Monday for the second installment of "Fun For Fall" to see how I'm continuing to keep away the Autumn blues. Also, comment below. Let me know how you're adorning yourself throughout these cold and dreary months. Will you be wearing patterned tights as well?


Let me know what you think! But please be nice. Being negative is just no fun. K?