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This past Saturday, I had the pleasure of accompanying First Lady Bernadette Jackson to Pleasant Grove A.M.E. Church in Hinesville, Ga where she was invited to be a guest speaker on a live radio broadcast of a round table discussion entitled "Learning to Celebrate Yourself". It was shot for the radio show "Beauty for Ashes" that airs on 1230 WSOK: Savannah's Gospel station. The round table discussion was presided over by Reverend Debbie Morse

Let me start off by saying how completely disappointed in myself I am, as a "journalist" and blogger, for not coming prepared, pen and pad in hand, to take notes as there were some really great things said during the broadcast. However, I did have my hands full with Cassie, taking pictures of the event to archive for my home church, Faith on the Move International Ministries.

Since I didn't take notes, I'll try and recap from memory. Adding my personal bits here and there.
The title text was from Psalm 139:14. It reads,
I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvelous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well. (KVJ)

This scripture was also read in the New Living Translation version which says,
Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex! Your workmanship is marvelous- how well I know it. (NLT) 

In the NLT version of the scripture, the last part "how well I know it" was the point of highlight. Oftentimes we quote that scripture. Well, I'll speak for myself. I do. I have. Never adding on the part at the end that says "I know it." I mean, it's one thing to say something because someone else says it. Or because you know it's something that's generally accepted as true. But to actually say it because you know it is a whole other ballgame altogether.

There is only one me, and I wear it well!

This particular quote is one that I jacked from my lovely First Lady Jackson.  When she stated this during the show, I immediately headed over to Facebook to update my status. What? Yeah, I did! This quote is filled with so much truth! It coincides with the scripture, Psalm 139:14 (NLT), especially the first part that says we are complex. That means there is way more to me than just meets the eye. From my physical stature to my quirky nature, there is so much wonderfulness all tied up in me that there isn't possibly any other creature on this earth who can do me as well as I do. Not even you! And that is something to be thankful for. God took out the time to carefully structure everything in my makeup to be pleasing to him. There is nothing about me that I should be ashamed of. There is nothing about me that should make me hold my head down. Everything about me should be celebrated because it is the work of God's hands and after God makes something, he says 
"It is very good." 

Now, dance off of that!

Continuing with the segment, Reverend Morse asked each of the ladies at the table to share a little about themselves. How they viewed themselves growing up. How they view themselves now. The ladies were more than willing to share, volunteering heartbreaking stories of sexual molestation and negative self image. They spoke of their relationships with their mothers and sisters. They gave recounts of feeling left out and rejected. But the one beacon of hope, in all of their stories, was that once they found out who they were, through God, they all learned that it was not only okay but also very necessary to celebrate themselves!

Knowing that God who loves you- I mean, like when you really get the revelation that God really, really loves you and really, really cares about you, it changes the way you think. About life. About yourself. To know that he cherishes you. To know that you are important to him. To know that you matter to him. To know that he wants nothing but good for you. To know that, even before you were born, he went out of his way to prepare everything for you just so you could have a good life brings you to a place of humility. And thankfulness. And gratitude. And it makes you appreciate every thing he has created. Including yourself. Selah.

Reverend Morse went on to say how vital it is that we, as women, encourage one another. We should compliment one another. Lift each other up. And not just woman to woman but also woman to child. She went on to explain how telling a young, insecure little girl how special and how pretty she is could make all the difference in her day. It could cause her to stand a little taller, hold her head a little higher. Make her feel a little more confident in who she is. The sad reality is, if we don't say it, it's possible that some little girls may never hear it. And may never know it to be true.

Once we've learned to celebrate ourselves by knowing how cherished we are in God's eyes, we owe it to someone else to pass along this truth.

My road dog, Audrey, who is just pure awesomeness in her own right, stood up to speak at the end of the show when they opened the floor for feedback. I know she already knows this, but I must express to my tlsg audience, how profoundly this girl speaks. I mean, she can be so deep and so high but so simple and pure logic all at the same time. And she does it in such a way that just leaves you in awe. And always pondering after she's done speaking.

Anywho, the perspective she gave on the topic was quite enlightening. I would try and share it with you, but without taking notes, I know I would completely fail to convey the depth and veracity of her four minute commentary.

I shall have her stop by someday to share with you her words of wisdom.
She's the other "Dree".

Now. Aside from all the deepness, let's get to the really important stuff.

Like this shot here. Yeah, I almost got hit by a car trying to shoot it.
But the drama in it, it was oh, so necessary.

And these kicks?
They definitely ain't made for walking.

So what did I do?

I took off running!
Let them have cake, yo!

Maaan, I tell ya. There truly is only one me. And I do wear it, oh, so well!
If I say so myself.


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