Imperfections. We all have them. It's a fact. We are all imperfect. Even the world's slimmest model and the world's fittest body builder both have something they could improve upon. At least a little. Doesn't necessarily have to be physical. It could be something intangible like a speech impediment or a crippling fear of looking someone in the eyes. The point is, not one person on this earth has everything completely together. And that is perfectly fine. 
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There are several things that I'm not too fond of concerning myself. From my incessant "need" to always be just a tad bit tardy to my heart pounding fear of being called out in front of a crowd. However, the imperfection I choose to speak on today just so happens to be physical. One of my (many) physical imperfections, in my opinion, is my legs. Particularly my thighs. I just really don't like them. Aside from my efforts to display a sense of style with a highlighted emphasis on being modest, covered up, and conservative, one of the main reasons I don't "show leg" is simply because I don't like mine. I feel that they are short and stumpy and not proportionate to the rest of my body. From the waist up, you'd think I was a rather slim character. Upon further investigation down south, you will get an entirely different story.
Now. Before anyone says, "What are you talkign about, you crazy girl? You are skinny!" let me state that I am very much aware that I am small. The scale that's read 106 lbs for the last half year (it previously read 112) spells it out for me. I am small. I know this. But I am not skinny. My legs have always been... thick. Short and thick. And for that reason, a slight embarrassment for me. For someone my size and my height, I think it would look better if my legs were straigher (not bowed outwards) and slimmer (not chunky). This is just MY opinion. My self perception.

Over the years, I've learned how to give the illusion of leaner thighs by "hiding" them under jeans or a pencil skirt. And if you look through the outfits in my "Fashion Fix" page, you'll notice that I stick to a formula of keeping my thighs covered and accentuating my calves with heels. It's my uniform. I like how it looks. And I usually don't stray too far from it.

That brings us to the point of this post! What to do about these imperfections. Well, on this particular day, I braved my insecurites (and the gusting winds- brrr!), and stepped out of the house in these "short" shorts. Mainly because I'd already mentally picked out this outfit and particular color combo to be worn in my first blog post of the new year, but also because, well... this outfit shows my legs. Thighs included. And you know what? My legs are MY legs, darn it. And they ain't going nowhere. I've never heard of anyone having a thigh transplant, so… 29 years later, I should just get used to them. 

Now, I'm still not very comfortable showing my legs. Probably won't bring them out again for a while. But I've come to the realization that if there is something you don't like, about yourself, your life, your surroundings, you have one of two options: deal with it or change it! And I am choosing the latter. I've started back working out just recently and I'm going to take some time to focus on my legs. Usually, when working out, if my arms and abs are good, then I'm good. But, this time around I feel I need to show my short little chunkies some lovin' too. I can't keep complaining and feeling insecure about them if I'm not trying to do anything about them. So I'm saying to myself, "Put up or shut up!" "Deal with it or change it!" Your choice. 

We all have some imperfection. Whether it's something that's only visible through our own eyes or public knowledge for the world to see. Either way, I am asking that all of my tlsg readers, in "The One-Four",  make this commitment with me. If there is anything, ANYTHING, you are not pleased with,
Vow to spend half the amount of time complaining about the problem and twice the amount of time working towards its solution.

Check back with me in 351 days and let me know how that worked out for ya! 

What are some of your imperfections? Care to share? Leave me a comment below!!
I promise I won't judge.

Now if I could have a leg transplant, my legs would come out looking like THIS. Ciaraaaaaa!


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