I never make New Year's resolutions. And I won't start now. However, there are a number of things I would like to accomplish this year. Writing them down and scratching them off. 2014, still with your new car smell and all, let's go!

     1. Go to at least 3 concerts. The #1 concert I would LOOOOVE to go to this year, is an Adele
        concert. She hasn't toured in a while, being a new "Mummy" and all, but I am so hoping that this
        is the year she decides to step back out. As soon as that little lady announces concert dates…
      2. Visit a city I've never been to before. Don't have a particular one in mind. Guess I'll surprise
     3. Establish and stick to a financial plan that will allow me to reduce/eliminate debt, spend "freely",
        and save responsibly. Whaaaaat?! "The girls" and I are planning to do a few financial challenges. I
        hope to actually stick with them this year.
     4. Write! A book, a script, a screenplay. This is probably the #1 thing I want to accomplish this year.
         I have ideas in my head, just not the creative release to actually write them. Yet. Hopefully this
         year I can get that ball rolling.
     5. Network with other bloggers. 'Cause bloggers know about that blogging life.
     6. Drink more water. For real, though. I would like to.
     7. Make tlsg... better. Ha ha haaaaa! I don't really know what that entails, but I'd like to make it                                    
        happen. BOOM.
     8. Take one big, international trip. Gotta see how #3 goes first.
     9. Post more regularly. Mm.
    10. Try 10 new restaurants. Roughly a new joint every month. Again, this depends on #3.
    11. Get organized. I plan to document it once it's all done. Working on it now.
    12. Stay organized. Ha ha haaaaaa… Challenge!
    13. Read 10 fiction novels. I used to read all the time which fueled my creativity and love of writing.
         I haven't read in a while, but I feel the more I read, the more inspired I will be to write.
    14. Solidify tlsg as a respected brand.
    15. Help a friend with the start up of a new business venture. More details to follow. Later.
16. Try at least one new adrenaline pumping activity.
    17. Write a song. I looooove a well written song. Want to try my hand at the craft.
    18. Record a song. My voice isn't the greatest. My voice isn't the worst. Just feeling the urge to do    
         this. Nothing fancy. Probably just lay down a couple of vocals on my computer using Garage
         Band. Still, I want to do it, though. May share it with you guys.
    19. Work out more consistently. Got a little ditty brewing concerning this.
    20. Write, create, cast, shoot, direct, score, edit, produce my own shortfilm. This one expands a little
         beyond just the writing. I know that no one man is an island, but I want at least one project where
         my hands get to do it all. I already have an idea in mind. Just waiting on all the other parties to get
         on board. *hint, hint Erica*

Those are just a few things off top I'd like to do this year to expand my horizons and make my personal life more enjoyable and profitable. I may add to or update this list as the year progresses. Hopefully I'll be able to cross every one of them off by the year's end. Either way, I know the #1 thing I need to do in order to accomplish all of these things in 2014 is to have a better, closer, more in tuned relationship with God. Read my Bible more. Meditate more. Pray more. Serve more. Become more faithful and committed. All of these things will increase my faith in God. And since I live a faith based life, they are all very necessary to take my life from ordinary to extraordinary.

I depend on God from the biggest to the smallest things in my life. He is the director of it all. By submitting to God more, being able to hear his voice more clearly, and believing that he will complete everything he has established for my life, I will be setting myself up for nothing but the absolute best! And that is still true even if I stumble or fail at some things. Truth is, I have been my own worst enemy for far too long. It's time for that to come to an end. From here forward, I am expecting to be able to maneuver around and/or avoid all the obstacles and hindrances that have held me back in previous times. Be it financial, mental, spiritual, emotional, etc.

Life is short. None of us know how much time we have here. Might as well live it up the biggest you can while you're here. 2014, let's go. I believe God has got some reeeeal awesomeness in store for me and I believe this is the year I will receive it.

Drop me a comment below. Let me know some of the things you're wanting to do this year.


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