"Stop looking at your watch. Start looking at God." -Pastor Eric S. Jackson
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Patience. That's almost one of those bad four letter words, eh? Patience. Mm. Yeah. Marinate on that for a sec. 

Today's sermon was based on Hebrews 10: 23 which says,
Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)
So much can be said on just that, right? Hold fast. Meaning don't let every little thing, every big thing, or every medium sized thing that comes by to distract you or discourage you prosper. Hold fast. That thing you professed with your lips, that came straight from the Holy oracles of the Lord God himself, hold on to it. People, time, and circumstances are all factors that WILL try to make what you professed be a lie. This isn't a maybe. It's a definite. They will try and deter you. Don't let them. 

You've been warned. 

The next part says, "without wavering". Now, as humans, that is certainly impossible, right? I mean, you can't be 100% sure of a thing 100% of the time, right? Well, I don't necessarily think it's saying that. I think it's more or less referring to James 1:8 that says,
A double minded man is unstable in all his ways. 

Basically, something can't be "is' and also be "is not" at the same time. That's instability. If you're going to believe a thing, profess a thing, then do just that. When those detractors present themselves, and they most definitely will, don't entertain them. Because there very well may be some reality to what you see and hear that is opposing what you believe, you have to train yourself to not let it take root in your heart. Don't entertain it. This is what causes you to waver. When you start trying to reason and argue in favor of both sides. Being the defense and the prosecutor all at one time. This doesn't work. Choose one and denounce the other. 

This is how you do the "without wavering" part.

And finally the last part says, "for he is faithful that promised". Now that's the part! That's the part you can hang your hat on. He is faithful! That's how come you can hold fast. That's how come you're able to do so without wavering. Because God is faithful. God is not a man. God is God. And God cannot lie. That which God has spoken, he is able to bring it to past.

John 1:1 says that God is his word. God is everything you read in your Bible. Everything in the Bible, you can quote as being what God has spoken and know that he is faithful to everything he has said. So if you profess anything written in Genesis through Revelation, hold fast to it. And don't waver. Numbers 23:39 says that God will make good on every single word of it.
Today's sermon was very much needed. It's something I need to be reminded of from time to time. To just simply believe God. People can talk you out of what's yours. Circumstances can pressure you out of what's yours. Doubt can deceive you out of what's yours. But God's word has encouraged us to not give in to this. James 1:4 says to let patience have her perfect work. Be patient. Hold fast. Don't waver. Let God be God and let God do what he do. After all, "he is faithful that promised." Believe that. 

Super hot shoes for this super hot Sunday.
But they so weren't made for walking.
..most definitely had my handy dandy Nine West sparkly flats on deck. Hey oh.
Bye, y'all!


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