I wasn't cheering for any team in particular. Well, at first I wasn't. My friends were going for the Seahawks, so that's who I went with. Guess.. we won.

What a (non) game.
Going casually cute, I wore a jacket I purchased from a Forever21 sale last year.
Think it was maybe 10 bucks.
My tee was purchased from Walmart for a dollar and I applied the "#tlsg" to it using the tutorial >>here<<.
The jeans are also Forever 21.
The boots are my new faves. And a recent purchase.
I know, I know.
I'm not supposed to be spending right now.
But look at 'em. They're so cute. I love the detailing on the front.
Plus when Aldo is selling boots for 20 bucks, you get 'em. Right?
Still on sale too, girl. Buy you a pair >>here<<. 

My hair is a flexirod set I did the night before.
I was pretty okay with my results.

Resetting it tonight. To try and achieve an even better set.
Hopefully it's something worth blogging.


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