Hm. What can I say about me?

I like food.
Although I don't eat very much.

I like food.
I'm an awful cook.

I drink red wine to pretend I'm sophisticated.
I spit it out if no one is looking.
I hate red wine.

I aspire to write fiction novels.
That get turned into movies and primetime TV shows.

I create characters and they live in my head.
That's what Audrey told me.
Some of my characters, I'd be great friends with!
Others... well they're needed to provide depth and multidimensional story plots.
They're a must.
I'm okay with that.

I read suspense.
In the bathtub.

I want to travel. Internationally.
I cannot sleep through turbulence.
Being alert makes me feel I have.. control?

I like being in control. Of myself.
I'm quite stubborn. When it concerns me.
I lowkey fear commitment.

My future husband will know this.
But take the risk anyway.
He knows how to tame me.

I want to mother a little girl that I will name Gracelyn Rae Adele.
Like the singer, Adele.

I like music. With beautiful voices and introspective lyrics. the kind by the singer Adele.

Oh, and Kendrick Lamar.

The color blue makes me feel something I can't quite put into words.
If you begged me to give a word, I guess I'd say.. "good".

I like to run. And jump. And climb things.
I have a bum right knee and I'm kind of clumsy.
So there's that.

I've worked in health care almost ten years.
I will not work in health care for another ten.

My faith in a living and loving God, who created me with the sole purpose to write and create and inspire, first black women and girls, and secondly everyone else, is the basis of everything that keeps me sane.
And focused.
And moving forward.

I don't get it right all the time.
I mess up more than I'd like to admit.

But I made a vow to myself to keep trying.
To keep learning.
To keep growing.
To keep living.
To keep pursuing.

To always pursue.

I've decided that this is the way for me to live my best life yet.

A life that may or may not include red wine.

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